Glasses HoloLens 2 appear in full in the new leaks

Going to Microsoft to say later in the day to establish its own event within the events of the Barcelona conference phones 2019, where she began a suspense already the intention to offer a new model of glasses HoloLens, but the expense of WalkingCat on Twitter decided to not wait to leak several photos of her already.

Don’t reveal the images a lot of detail except for the appearance of the reality system assumption and augmented reality new, but it seems to have become lighter and about the above, beside having the ability to interact with shapes, holograms directly.

As for the other improvements compared to the previous model, it is expected to be in the vicinity of a broader vision and in the techniques of eye-tracking, what has been mentioned in a number of patents, former Microsoft.

This event begins Microsoft’s own in the Barcelona conference phones today at 8 p.m. in Saudi Arabia, where you will advertise the system for Microsoft, the ad hoc did not shoot the police Mixed Reality, is a reality enhanced advanced combines the effects of Computer visual in the reality surrounding us, with some support of virtual reality, where the first generation of these glasses, since the year 2016 at an exorbitant price 5,000$ (18,750 SR).

Source: @WalkingCat

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