Glitch Facebook … the secret to malfunction wondrous recurrence of his

A major crisis exposed the social networking site Facebook, as well as both Instagram and WhatsApp, the in the give the product 3 of a sudden, what the impact on the millions of market participants before the mark Position Detection Management Site famous for the secret of this creation of Wonder.

The mystery of creation

It wasn’t Wednesday 13th of March 2019, an ordinary day for Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as for hundreds of millions of participants, which was months social media platforms malfunction is controversial, ask for a sign wait for the first hours of the next morning.

Issued a Facebook statement sooner, reveal the consequences of the recent crisis, where he explained: “We made a change in the composition of the ring, raised a series of problems, so I faced a lot of difficulty participants major in order to gain access to our applications are different, only that our systems have begun to recover over the past hours”.

For their part, see Sandy Baird, director-technical with one of the security information, the difficulty of reaching the real secret crisis of the snap, that hit Facebook, with Instagram and WhatsApp: “to have those huge networks the tremendous complexity in it, make discover the secret of crises is very difficult, but I trust in the wake of so many employees throughout the night, make sure to solve the problem”.

Not vacation the first of its kind

Refers specialists that back the last of Facebook, will remain in memory, because it lasted for more than 24 consecutive hours, what is the impact of imprisonment on the other applications belonging to the site, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, but that in the end is not the holiday of the first of its kind that hits the site months on social networks.

In 2008, you know Facebook to the crisis of the similar, lasted about a full day before exceeded, however, the essential difference here, is the number of common site affected then the problem is technical, and who did more than 80 million subscribers, compared to more than 2 billion subscribers now, they don’t have access to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and during a vacation last.

The definition here is that Facebook users enraged by the crisis of the last, they did not find an outlet for the expression of resentment, only a fierce rival of Facebook Twitter, where it saw the location of the tweets months a tremendous amount of manifestations and forms of ridicule on the controversial event, which promised to manage Facebook not to repeat it.

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