Global markets contribute a larger share of the revenue Shawty from the first quarter to the second quarter

The company revealed a shawty in a conference held recently on the revenue achieved by the company during the period between the first quarter to the second quarter of 2019, which have contributed to the world markets at half the revenue of the Chinese giant.

Managed company Shao in control of a large share of the smartphone market, despite the passage of 6 years on the launch of the company officially to the market, as it made the giant Chinese growth and the expansion of quick runs to 90 market of the global markets now.

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I have confirmed that Shaw in their conference recently that the company’s revenue from international markets only during the period between the first quarter to the second quarter of 2019 has risen to 10 million, that global markets have contributed to half of the revenues of Shaw during this period.

Also confirmed earlier reports that the company Shawty come among the top 5 Manufacturers of the handset in global markets, after that she was able to reach its products to 90 markets around the world.

Recall that the company Shao has also confirmed its plans to advertise soon for the report of its last fiscal year 2019, which will exceed revenue of 10 million dollars for sure.

Shawty also help in supporting the countries of the world to face the repercussions of the spread of corona virus, where the company began in a shipment of medical masks to Italy, France, along with Spain, as the company confirmed its plans to pay a million channels in Europe during the coming period.


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