GlobalLogic and Volvo showed new developments for vehicles of the future

GlobalLogic together with Winner Imports Ukraine organized the event, which was shown modern automobile technology and new developments for future transport.

To begin with a few words about GlobalLogic. It is an international company providing services for the development of digital products (R&D). GlobalLogic engineers are working on projects in various fields and develop innovative platforms and solutions for many companies.

Central office GlobalLogic is located in Silicon valley in the United States. All in all, today there are 25 engineering and design centers of the company worldwide, one of which is located in Kiev.

The company cooperates with many automotive brands and suppliers of automotive equipment. Ukrainian developers create software solutions for infotainment systems, data exchange between vehicles and the surrounding world, computer vision and driver assistance systems on the road.

At GlobalLogic pretty progressive vision for the development of the automotive industry. Andrew Jaworski, Vice President, strategic initiatives GlobalLogic, said: “the Modern car is a new smartphone. The car is becoming more and more software. In modern high-end car more than 100 million lines of code, for comparison, the Boeing 787 is a little over 15 million. In the future, software technology will determine what the car”.

Andrew Jaworski, Vice President, strategic initiatives GlobalLogic

At the moment GlobalLogic engineers are working on technologies machine learning and computer vision that allow the car to see the picture location and to understand its position in space and build maps that can be used for unmanned driving. In addition, the developers continue to improve the system of recognition of driver’s face and monitoring the status of the driver while driving. By the way, these technologies can already be seen in the Volvo.

During the event, journalists were shown examples of existing solutions, and also arranged a test drive on the Volvo, connected to a computer vision system. In real time it was possible to evaluate the performance of the system as it builds the virtual route and assess their environment.

In the future, such systems will be used in self-driving cars. Smart cars can communicate with each other, warning of the traffic situation. The system works on the basis of protocols for V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2X (vehicle-everything). Within the concept of the Smart City system will be able to effectively manage traffic flows and to interact with the city infrastructure.

Artem Tkachenko, marketing Director of Volvo, shared his thoughts about the development of the automotive industry: “In the next couple of years, the automotive industry transformered, and we will stand at the forefront of these changes. With new technologies, the car will become not only a means of transportation, and a place to sleep, work, area for socializing and relaxing. The car of the future has the potential to become a serious competitor to air travel.”

Concept Volvo 360c changing the idea of the car as means of transportation. New developments create new standards for the safe interaction with other road users.

According to optimistic forecasts, unmanned vehicles (autopilot fifth level) will hit the market in a few years, so soon we will be able to evaluate innovations. However, it is pleasant to note that today a significant contribution to the development of the software component smart cars do Ukrainian engineers.

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