GM and Michelin in the next five years will release airless tires for cars

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And in this year prototypes of new tyres will be tested on the Bolt EV electric cars.

Michelin in 2017 showed some pretty interesting futuristic concept tyres Visionary. This airless tire is made of a biomaterial in 3D printers. They analyze the condition of the roadway and boasts integration with innovative services.

The new version is more realistic and will soon be tested carts Chevy Bolt. Tires Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System/Unique puncture-resistant bus system), developed by Michelin in conjunction with General Motors, made from a mixture of composite rubber and polymer optical fiber. You can use them on the highway, unlike the prototypes of other companies who work only at low speeds.

The main advantage of Uptis is that the tires are not afraid of punctures and they are not afraid of uneven wear. Moreover, airless tires in theory will reduce the production of tires, which harms the environment, because drivers will not necessarily carry a spare wheel. The latter, in turn, will positively impact on fuel economy.

Michelin and GM plan to establish mass production of airless tires by 2024.

Source: Engadget

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