Gmail adds a dark mode for users of Android 10

Started Google finally put the dark mode for the Gmail its own, after more than a week of Android version 10 by putting it dark on the scope of the system itself, the company intends to convert all Google apps to dark mode, including “all” with Android version 10, but it wasn’t the couple be ready exactly when the new operating system version on 3 September, two Gmail and Google Play Store, which continued to maintain the duty of their white.

Dark mode for Gmail on Android only 10

Gmail يُضيف الوضع المظلم لمستخدمي Android 10Gmail adds a dark mode for users of Android 10

Now according to XDA Developers, you need the latest version of Gmail (2019.08.18.267044774) on Dark Mode works at full capacity which converts the application background to a dark gray color exhilarating (although some may find the white text is glaring a little bit on the eyes), we got a small glimpse of dark mode in Gmail two weeks ago, when the app has received an update to make the start screen and widget main home screen black if you use dark mode on the Android Pie.

However, the dark mode that are put now available only for Android 10and this would show you if you are using Pie, even after updating the Gmail app, the Play Store is now a place to wait only important for all users in the hope that it will be activated dark mode for Gmail for all users of all systems, and it may take turned longer due to the complexity of the interface icons heavy attached to it, we imagine that it may take some time to make it look elegant.

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