Gmail allow to attach several messages together in one message

Provided Google new feature in her e-mail, Gmail allows to send several messages with the attachment mail message New allows forwarding messages in the simplest manner.

Experience process simply by selecting the messages you want to forward a signal right on it and do a pull and the messages within a new message, or, in short, right click and select the option “Forward as an attachment” to be redirected as a message to the new facility by selected messages.

If you are possible they will re-send the multiple messages always, will help you this feature in test of time. Like there are several messages related to a particular topic and want to send them to the same people, rather than sent separately, are now sent together in one message as attachments.

Water is currently made available progressively to users and do not know when will be available to everyone, but when it shows you the option to mentioned they will have to do you have.

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