Gmail Assistant will begin by a summary of the Daily News Voice

New feature up Assistant to Google Voice-allows users to request to listen to a summary of daily news from different devices.

مساعد جوجل سيبدأ بإلقاء ملخص الأخبار اليومي صوتيًاGmail Assistant will begin by a summary of the Daily News Voice

If you wish to listen to important news to you every morning for example, it has become even easier with the assistant of Google Voice which will read you the news through a new feature working as soon as you request it, where doing a custom list of news that match your interests and then read them through any smart phone or tablet device or through a domestic helper.

If you are from a specific area and interested, including its events, will start the voice assistant to read the news related to this place according to the order of your concerns.

So that the plugin center of attention through the search history, geographical location, and topics important to each user separately.

According to Google, the new feature will be more privatization of the users to listen to the news in the best possible way, so that will start plugin talking about the title of the news and its source – the media organization that released them – by reading, so the user can select whether he wants to hear it or not and move on to the next news story in the list.

A very useful feature, but it is unfortunately available in English whether American or British even now within some areas and not others, hoping to up other languages in the future.


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