Gmail for Android got a dark theme

Apparently, 2019 will be the darkest year in the history of mobile OS, and all because this is the year Android and iOS officially turn to the dark side of the force, receiving the long-awaited by many users of the dark mode for the entire system. But it’s not only OSes the case, because Google and Apple are also working hard to ensure that the dark theme was and worked fine in all mobile applications.

Dark theme in Gmail is still not ready and does not work at all

We have already talked about several applicationsthat Google paints in “the color that is always in fashion”. Seemed to have all the apps the search giant got dark mode, but it’s not as popular email service still remained aloof. However, now Gmail has got his own dark mode, but not in a hurry to open the champagne and start celebrating. Work on repainting Gmail is still in process, although some users of the latest version of the app now can be randomly see her in action.

At the moment, the dark theme is present only in the settings of the Gmail app. Sorry, you don’t see it in the main window or the sidebar. In addition, it seems that it turns on and off when I want, and the user has no ability to control it, because there is no switch to turn on or off simply no.

I hope Google is working hard to turn this kind of dark theme in Gmail in a real dark theme, and will release it in the near future — or at least no later than the release of Android Q in August. Owners Pixel it would be a shame to enable system-wide dark mode, and discover that not all native apps support it.

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