Gmail will you now respond to the old e-mails


Was the email service Gmail is the hub of many of the news lately. First, the interface has been redesigned this service on the web. After that, the version of Smart Compose, which works to help users in writing their emails through a suggestion of some common phrases.

Now, I got the web version of Gmail on another new feature. This feature works to attract you to respond to e-mails that maybe you missed, which I received a few days ago. In addition, it can urge you to follow up on emails that did not get a response.

This new feature is based on artificial intelligence, and therefore it is not intended to be annoying, but to be useful. We hope to be able to distinguish the most important emails for you, stir your attention to those the most important messages only.

It is worth mentioning that it will activate this feature by default for users who use the Gmail interface new, but you can disable them if this feature is bothersome to you. You only need to move to Settings and uncheck both boxes that appear in the image below. Before concluding we would like to point out that it should be up this feature for the majority of users in the next three days.




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