Go to the end: you still believe in Bitcoin for 15 thousand dollars by the end of the year

Despite the recent draining of the stock market, the most famous cryptowall with wall street you still believe in Bitcoin for 15 thousand dollars. And do not ever, but strictly by the end of this year, that is almost 40 days. He stated in his recent interview to CNBC. The analyst makes huge bet on the arrival of institutional players in the market.

However, as they will be able so much to raise the price of the main of a digital asset in such a short time? Especially considering the fact that getting started trading platform Bakkt is deferred to a new term.

Bull market — fantasy or reality?

Lee believes that cryptocommunist is divided into two sides. Some people create cryptococal and really enjoyed the crypt, others are interested in Bitcoin only as an asset for speculation. For strong growth market for both parties is to “agree” to achieve “common goals.”

However, the analyst still recognizes the negative trends in the trading of Bitcoin. However, even they did not affect the institutional investors who want to enter the market. According to Lee, they will start “next wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies”.

So, to attract the attention of major players in the Bitcoin unable to two factors — the launch of Bakkt and mass approval of financial regulators. If with the first all is rather clear, because trading Bitcoin futures on Bakkt will begin on 24 January, the second is open to question.

As soon as we get it [support of financial regulators], institutional investors will be calmer in the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Image source — Reddit

Informed Do still have tempered their appetites and reduced its original prediction from 25 thousand to 15 thousand dollars for Bitcoin. Are we really at the bottom? Who knows, in January, Thomas Lee believed the level of $ 9,000 “best opportunity to buy Bitcoin”.


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