“Good e-Reader”.. electronic reader and a notebook running Android

Using a tablet device “having an e-reader”, Good e-Reader you can take advantage of the 3 functions, the first e-reading of books, and second, jot down your notes and use it as a writing with the pen attached with him, thirdly install your favorite apps, as the device is running Android Android.

It is considered “good e-reader”, Good e-Reader very suitable for e-reading, the makers of his $ 13.3 inches, which is a touch screen, which offers an experience very comfortable while reading, completed with the technology of the screen is for reading.

As an organ it can be used in taking notes and drawing free-hand, the “presence of the e-reader” experience also comfortable with the big screen and the sensor attached to it, which would make sense to write and do not compare to normal too, Thanks to the 1024 level sensitivity pen pressure on the screen.

And “having an e-reader” lightweight sort of (350 grams), which works with a memory random access (RAM) suitable for his job (512 MB), memory internal 4 GB, with the possibility of adding a memory chip with a capacity of 32 GB, and its battery 1,270 mAh battery type Li-ion battery, which is sufficient for the device for 4 weeks, where the focus connectivity Wi-Fi WiFi.

Successfully campaign financing device “having an e-reader”, Good e-Reader in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, the product is available for purchase through the website at a price of 729 $ (almost 13,000 Egyptian pounds).

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