“Good” governments don’t want to ban the cryptocurrency. But the ETF will have to wait

The concern of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) the question of ETF is “very important” for the industry. Their behavior, the regulator demonstrates that “good” governments no longer just want to ban the cryptocurrency, said economic commentator of the Wall Street Journal Paul Let. His words leads News BTC.

SEC delays decision about ETFs, because they do not see the point in a total ban turnover of cryptocurrency and related financial services, explained his position When. However, manipulations on the cryptocurrency market and lack of regulation of exchanges calls into question the possibility of open-end funds approval for Bitcoin in the near future.

When the SEC will adopt ETF. The analyst

Are there manipulations with Bitcoin? Absolutely Yes. How many such cases? Nobody knows.

According to Some, the main problem facing the SEC is the absolute lack of understanding of what actually happens on cryptomeria. And it is not a qualification of our employees and transparency in activities of trading platforms. So the regulator is reluctant to “give a blessing” to launch ETFs, he added.

Speaking about the future of Bitcoin, the WSJ analyst predicts the absence of a complete ban on transactions with the coin. The government will create rules that will make the market less risky for citizens, he said.

Informed investor and founder of BK Capital Management Brian Kelly statedthat the SEC will approve the ETF only once in the US will be adjustable crypto currency exchange and market participants begin to provide quality services and products for institutional investors. Let’s hope this will happen soon.

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