Good news for lovers of Samsung who are waiting for Galaxy S10 !

Waiting for lovers of Samsung eagerly to see phones Galaxy S10 that we hear about a few months ago and US daily leaks of different although the company won’t launch until early 2019, and now we are at the end of 2018 is no longer things as far away as before the images became clearer about the three phones that we have on the news coverage of the building with you.

The latest of such leaks comes from a site OnLeaks that don’t leak his writings, where the report says that the group Galaxy S10 will be at least six options of colors are: “black, grey, blue, red, green, yellow”

While we can’t know how will these different colors, but that color green looks interesting, definitely reminds us by the emerald green of the Samsung Galaxy S6 old.

Screen ratio 93.4% of the body of the phone

Confirmed an internal source of Samsung that the company actually intends to launch three models of the Galaxy S10 – two of which are flat with curved edges and another with a flat screen.

Will contain a copy of the group on a hidden camera under the screen and the edges is small, which provides a large area of the screen amounts to 93.4% of the body of the phone, a very large percentage compared to phone Galaxy S9 current which provides the screen by 83.6%!

It is expected a large percentage to come Galaxy S10 with a processor Snapdragon 8150 from Qualcomm or Exynos 9820 from Samsung, this will be more powerful than the processors issued and more efficient, thanks to a slide 7 nm new.

You will phone Galaxy S10 Plus a large battery of up to 4000 Milli-amp, compared to the battery of the 3500 Milli amp currently existing in the Galaxy S9 Plus.

While Samsung has not yet completed the details relating to the Galaxy S10, the company will select the final design by the end of November before the announcement of the smartphone in February.

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