Good things: the Venezuelans will receive financial assistance in the cryptocurrency

Recently, a Reddit user from Venezuela decided to use the donations in the cryptocurrency NANO for the purchase of 102 pounds of food to family and friends. Now cryptanthus under the name Windows7733 wants to ensure other citizens of the country with the highest inflation in the world. This writes the CCN.

Cryptocurrency saves lives

Windows7733 previously received a small donation in the amount of 0.5 NANO, which is equal to approximately one dollar. For Venezuelan is a monthly salary which he can spend on food and necessities. The user thanked the community NANO on Reddit and instead got even more coins.

Later Windows7733 used 29,1 NANO to buy a hundred kilograms of food. The Venezuelan continued to receive donations and has recently published a new post, which reported on the purchase of three hundred pounds of products for their loved ones. In sum Windows7733 spent 90,1 NANO, or about 208 dollars.

Forty families received assistance. It’s amazing how they react when they hear about cryptocurrencies. Many of them had heard about a crypt, but could not purchase due to financial difficulties. Others have treated the question more skeptical, until I found out how it got to this food.

In the next post, the Venezuelan told how a few different people contacted him and offered his help. To save other citizens from the crisis, Windows7733 announced the movement of the “adopt a family”. NANO holders can donate their coins to help people, thereby increasing the popularity of the cryptocurrency.

The project will be a great alternative state strategy, which focused only on the development of a national cryptocurrency Petro.

I want hundreds of other families could get help from the movement and spread acceptance of NANO in the country. In the future it is even possible to invest directly in NANO and hire for the cryptocurrency workforce.

Earlier, Venezuelan authorities announced plans on financing the construction of new houses by Petro. The Executive Secretary of the Blockchain Observatory Daniel peña believes that cryptocurrency can reach its potential “over the next six months.”


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