Goodbye Facebook, Hello Instagram.. users decide to network their new favorite


Some began already to think of alternatives to facebook, especially after the recent crisis that revealed the diversion of the data of 50 million users by the company “Cambridge set”, but most of the trends so far are not out of the property of facebook and where many see that the photo sharing application “Instagram” would be an alternative to facebook for a large number of users, especially since it is less a study of what is happening on the social network giant.

Publish site usatoday American, some of the reviews about this, and the debtor’s 28-year-old Katie Clark, on Instagram: “I think that the application of all unlike Facebook which looks everything like an advertisement”.

Apply Instagram bought by Facebook in 2012 for a million dollars, can be the Savior which will be to the mission in the next period.

He said one of the researchers in the Wall Stree also, it would be facebook and to Instagram, which can be done through many things, and not only that, but there are more than twenty people surveyed the poll was conducted recently by USA TODAY say that Instagram is now their favourite social network.

But still fears the list, as Instagram is owned by Facebook, as it is full also ads, in addition to investigations proved his involvement in the crisis of Russia’s intervention in the recent U.S. elections.

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