Goodbye to broken screen.. “Samsung” reveal the phone’s screen against breakage

Soon, we can confidently say: goodbye to break the screens of smart phones, which almost become a memory of the past!

Has revealed a manufacturing company of smart phones Korean, months globally, SAMSUNG Samsung, for screens “olid” OLED unbreakable, which will appear very soon in the middle of the smart phones from Samsung.

Successfully new Samsung screens in the tests are extremely harsh, it has survived after dropped 26 times from a height of 1.2 m, without any damage to it at all, as is also spared from falling from a height of 1.8 metres in another test.

The design of the new screen through the “Samsung display” Samsung Display, the technology arm for the tea industry in the Samsung, and received a certificate “Labs free” Underwriters Laboratories as unbreakable, a company official tests Department of occupational safety and health in the U.S. Department of labor OSHA, which was created to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

According to Samsung, the screen of the New has passed the tests follow strict rely on the military standards of the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), as it survived without damage from the tests of temperature, between the temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius and 71 degrees Celsius.

In addition to using new screens in smart phones, it will use those screens, flexible tablets (tablet) and within automobiles and mobile games, in addition to mobile devices used by armies.

And Samsung offers a lot of details about the technology developed for resistance to breakage, however, were developed using layer soles and unbreakable, with the top layer installed tightly with it, other than the screen Flex current cover with a layer of glass breakage when subjected to shocks.

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