Goodbye to the pain and the laser with the pistol Botox injections.. there’s nothing easier than almost

Are you interested in once cosmetic and health?, the Of course you hear every day about the injection and many in this area, and want to try some of them on your skin or your body excess weight, but your afraid of the pain resulting.

You’re not alone honey, there’s a lot of like, so scientists tried over the past years the search for alternatives to “non-painful” to inject Botox, there were attempts to manufacture a generation or cream to Botox, but it didn’t come with positive responses among consumers, who saw in it a means of marketing useless.

After several attempts, she managed a Canadian company recently the invention of the gun, the injection of Botox under the skin, which helps to make it without exposure to the pain accompanying the injection process using ordinary needles, an alternative laser, which turn to girls to get away from the pain and the effects of war.

Right, the gun right of invention is staggering, from the company “medical international technology”, and solve the magic to get away from the infection skin diseases currently deployed.

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