Google وDeepMind using two artificial intelligence to predict energy production of wind farms

قوقل وDeepMind تستعينان بالذكاء الاصطناعي لتوقع إنتاج الطاقة من مزارع الرياح

At the time of what it can say to the productive capacity of wind farms in electric shades of difference in the strength of the wind as well as fit energy region with their distribution networks and the amount of consumption, announced the company Google , in partnership with her band, the intelligence of artificial intelligence DeepMind for expansion of the mechanism of Tibetan women welcome to energy produced from wind farms across the logarithms of software tools for machine learning based on the study of the capacity of turbine-generated weather condition in record time-sequential to comply with the amount of power supply desired.

Click to not and Google in the code of the program, this may well of the performance and the value of wind energy in these farms increased by 20% compared to the previous times that have not been considered by the committee to predict across the timeline to provide the the ability of the consumer of energy during the same period.

The company added that it cannot ignore the levels of change in capacity of wind and fluctuations in or the exclusion of the actual role played by this element in the productive capacity of energy; however, it’s the findings enable them to use systems artificial intelligence tools for machine learning than to make wind power more effective and closer to.

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