Google: 80% of apps in the Google Play Store encrypts data

In experience amazing, positive, announced Google today that 80% of apps available through the Play Store has become you with the technical support data encryption by default! While the proportion of those applications at the beginning of 2018 was 0%!

If you are wondering about the meaning of “data encryption” is the process of protecting data from the review or the penetration of external parties during transmission between your computer and the servers of the developer of the application! At the present time, most applications secure uses TLS encryption, which increases the dose protection that we get.

If you don’t take the size of the growth and development in this partial chart below shows to you:

Android app encryption chart

Google Now seeks to raise this ratio more and more and deliver it 100% which is not impossible will require a lot of time and all this will be in our interest as users end-users private that the number of applications that did not start to follow this consultation up to 560 thousand application!

Source: Android Authority

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