Google accused of violating the data protection laws of the European

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Agree company Google charges related to violations of its data protection laws with New within the EU named the general rules of the data protection GDPR by tracking the user, where the provided groups to defend consumers in seven European countries complaints in accordance with the laws of the GDPR against location tracking by Google, and consumer advocacy organization, the European BEUC, which belong to all societies, that practices Google’s deceptive about the tracking website does not give users a real choice about their empowerment, and that Google does not inform users properly about what is involved in this tracking.

Sets include the defense of consumers Forbrukerrådet Norwegian, and Consumentenbond, the Dutch, and Ekpizo, the Greek, and dTest Czech, and Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije Slovene, and Federacja Konsumentów polish, and Sveriges Konsumenter, the Swedish, as the group Forbrugerrådet Tænk, Danish complain to National Data Protection Authority, while the training group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband German action on injunction against Google because of these practices.

According to the Complaint: “can reveal location data a lot of people, including religious beliefs (go to places of worship), political affiliations (go to demonstrations), health conditions (regular hospital visits), and show the information that Google gathers location data for users, in particular through the features of the “Register of sites” and”Web & App Activity” built-in all the accounts of Google users, the company uses many tricks and practices to ensure that users of these features, and offer them direct information about what this involves effectively”.

Has been related to the giant sea financial penalties in the case stuck to consumer advocacy organization, the European BEUC complaint, filed by each group to the authorities of the protection of own national data in line with the laws of the general regulation of data protection in the wake of the discovery that Google is able to track the user’s location even if you turn off the option “register of sites”, where you must turn off the setting to the second is called “Web & App Activity”, which is activated by default, to prevent the tracking of Global Positioning System fully.

And consumer advocacy organization, the European BEUC that Google used “deceptive practices” to make the user is allowed to activate all options, and don’t tell users the full due and, accordingly, the users do not give consent freely, the company said in its response to complaints the record of the sites was stopped by default, and it shows that disabled does not prevent all tracking website, she intends to read the report closely to see if it contains any information that can be used to improve their services.

And face many of the giant tech companies complaints in relation to the laws and regulations on the protection of European data, as said the Commissioner for data privacy of the Irish earlier this year that it would conduct investigations concerning the company Facebook in relation to a breach of the data which impact on the 29 million user account, and still complaints GDPR is relatively new, according to a new law enacted in the month of May, and it is not yet clear how powerful these consumer groups seven.

Said Monique goes Monique Goyens, Director-General of the organization of the European consumers, if Google did not respect the basic principles of the laws of the GDPR, such as the commitment to using data in a way that is legitimate, fair and transparent, the company faces a lawsuit in the United States it claims to track the movements of millions of phone users regardless of privacy settings, as they may be liable to pay fines amounting to nearly 4 percent of its revenues Global, which has more than $ 4 million to build on its deposits for the year 2017, in the event of a successful complaint in achieving its purpose.

The gate Arab News Technical Google accused of violating the data protection laws of the European

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