Google added in Android Q a special gesture to open Google Assistant

Have you ever wondered as you prefer to call voice assistant: verbal command or pressing a special key? Most of the first method seems the most logical, because how else to call voice assistant, if not voice? But this possibility is not at all. The fact that the constant waiting for voice commands requires the device to constantly maintain the microphones in active mode, by analyzing all heard that, in turn, leads to increased consumption of energy. But to call attendant button also is not always possible, because most modern smartphones have. Fortunately, Google found the solution.

In the Android Q there was a convenient gesture call Google Assistant. Its activation occurs in a diagonal swipe from lower left corner with a deviation of 7-10 degrees. It’s still not as convenient as a long holding the Home button, but still much faster than searching Google Assistant on your desktop or in menu and run it.

How to call Google Assistant

However, the gesture of the Google Assistant, which appeared in the Android Q, will be useful not for everyone. The fact that some smartphones from the factory are equipped with a separate button activate the voice assistant. For example, it is on the body LG G8, and on the hulls of the vehicles line Galaxy S and Note the last generations. However, where it is meant to run Bixby, but nothing prevents you to reassign her to call Assistant Google in the settings.

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Generally, in the Android Q Google developers seriously improved the Google Assistant. An important innovation was to support the night theme, which colors the interface assistant in noble black color. Unlike many applications that night theme is only harmful, Google Assistant in its design looks even more advantageous. And for those who don’t like when the interface of the voice assistant covers half of the screen, Google has implemented a special mode in which to see that the assistant is active, it can only be shimmering, the bar at the bottom of the screen.

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