Google added in Android Q three methods to control for selection

Can you relate to pure Android. Some love him for his lack of “extra” functions, while others believe that it is possible to use only Android, covered with any sheath. And those and others in its own right, only to argue with the fact that the stock OS version often suffers from the lack of not only “unnecessary,” but and important functions, it is meaningless. Fortunately, in the Android Q Google developers thought better of it and decided to partially correct this oversight.

Start Google decided with Android management. After reviewing the divergent interests of users, the developers of the search giant did not impose their own preferences, and gave instead the opportunity to choose how they want to interact with the operating system interface. So with the release of the third beta for Android Q have the opportunity to choose one of three management models.

Gestures in Android

The first assumes control exclusively by means of gestures. Return to the desktop, the menu multitasking, moving between open apps and even a step back – everything is done with swipes on the screen. Fundamentally a management model differs little from that applied by Apple in recent versions of iOS.

The second allows you to use almost all the same gestures as the first, but it saves on screen press “Back”. It is, as experience shows, is so appreciated by many users. According to them, the opportunity to come back with one button – this is the best that can be in the operating system.

How to customize the controls in the Android Q

The third model involves the management of only using the classical set of three keys, the emphasis of which shifted with the release of Android 9 Pie. This opportunity will have the way of the reactionaries who prefer the classics around, as well as people with arthritis and other disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Not being able to manage your smartphone gestures, they perfectly cope with this task thanks to virtual keys.

To choose any model of governance, go to Settings — System — Gestures — Gestures Navigation System.

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