Google added to Chrome’s protection of websites-fakes

Phishing is one of the oldest fraudulent practices on the Internet. It is to replace these websites are fake, which have similar design and even similar URL that, in turn, blunts the vigilance of potential victims. The goal of phishing attacks is to withdraw from deceived users credentials from their pages in social networks, Bank accounts and e-mail addresses. But Google figured out how to deal with them.

In the current version of Google Chrome has a built-in mechanism for warning you try to login to the phishing site. It analyzes the addresses of sites you visit, and compares them with the history of previous visits. In the case of finding partial matches – for example, if instead of you go to to fake which is quite difficult, the web browser will notice this and issue a warning.

How to recognize fake website

Despite the fact that the mechanism of alert about possible phishing URLS works offline, Google leaves the decision about the entrance for a man. In the end, it may happen that the user tries to log on to different versions of the same website. And in case of detection of phishing sites, Google has released a special extension for Chrome called Suspicious Site Reporter (not available in all countries). It will allow you to mark fraudulent resources to bait attackers were not caught by other users.

In General, I personally Google Chrome is increasingly reminiscent of OSes to OSes. Indeed, in addition to the search function, the browser does what scans websites for viruses, looking for malware on the computer on which it is installed comes up with for us secure passwords and even allows you to install third-party apps and games. Unfortunately, such an abundance of tasks performed by one program, invariably leads to increased resource and energy consumption, because of which many people abandon Chrome.

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