Google adds Android advanced determinant of rooms

The extensive capabilities of Google let her do this, as many of its competitors can only dream of. If you remember, it was she first realized portrait shooting on a single camera, improved digital stabilization so that it was no worse than optical, and taught a smartphone to recognize gestures in the air. I’m not talking about the established system of control spam and unwanted messages that have been successfully used in a corporate mail clients and SMS from Google. It remains the case for small – to embed in-app calls to Android normal the determinant of rooms.

Google will display your caller telephone numbers

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Right now Google is working on an advanced function of determining the numbers that will become an integral part of the application “Phone” for Android. And its advancement is that it will be able to determine not only the identity of the telephone number from which the call comes, but the purpose of the call. This will allow users to know in advance who and, most importantly, why are they calling that on the basis of the available information to make a decision about whether to answer the incoming call or better to ignore it and not answer it.

The determinant of rooms for Android

Checked calls will determine not only membership numbers, but the purpose of the call

In order to realize this function, Google organized a campaign called “Tested calls,” in which plans to collect information on hundreds of thousands of establishments and enterprises. Moreover, the data collection will be carried out in passive mode, but active. That is, companies will be able to pass the so-called verification procedure, help ensure that Google has made to its database. Verifying data would include data on activity of the companies, their phone numbers, possible targets of the call and other relevant information.

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As a result, when the user will receive a sales call on his smartphone screen displays all the necessary range of data that will allow you to decide to answer the call or not. In addition to the numbers, the Phone app displays the name of the company, for example, “Rostelecom” and the purpose of the call, for example, the installation of the router. All calls from approved companies will be recorded on Google’s servers for verification, and at the end of the conversation – removed to ensure safety of the users.

Caller ID from Yandex

Yandex also has caller ID, which, in my opinion, works even better than what Google offers

Of course, the development Google deserves respect, that’s just the Russian Yandex has long implemented something similar for themselves. Domestic search engine did not force the company to undergo verification, and used the model of crowdsourcing. That is, allowed users to form a database of incoming calls. The result is about the same, but better. Moreover, the application Yandex learned to identify the rooms in some moment he had the opportunity to warn about the purpose of the call. For example, delivery of goods advertising banking services or just a junk call.

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In my opinion, the method chosen by Yandex, more preferable than Google. Therefore, by the way, I use domestic decision. It is logical that the scammers will not pass the verification at the search giant, and the crowdsourcing model, which allows people to identify rooms, gives you the opportunity to make cases calls from fraudsters in a database and warn all future users. The output is the most informative and, importantly, virtually no costly system of determining the numbers, not involving the active participation of commercial companies.

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