Google adds Chrome for Android a very useful feature

In Chrome appears built caller “heavy” sites and pages, which will alert user about the increased flow of traffic, follows from the official developer blog. Innovation is already available for testing in the framework of the Canary project, Google Chrome.

How to reduce the consumption of cellular data

The monitoring function is called Heavy Capping will automatically analyze the web page, determining the amount of cellular data that will be expended in their discovery. Upon detection of the danger of overspending cellular data browser will allow you to cancel the download, save the traffic.

Despite the obvious usefulness for mobile devices, the same feature will appear in the desktop versions of Google Chrome. The developers believe that the innovation will be especially popular in emerging markets where providers do not provide unlimited access to the Network.


Google Chrome already has a built-in function to save traffic, which is active by default. However, in contrast to the new ideas of the developers, it does not warn the user about possible overuse of cellular data, only minimizing the volume of the device information.

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