Google adds feature to search for text in images in Google Photos

A search engine works Google Photos with artificial intelligence to support users in the search experience smooth, fast for categories of different pictures, it is new to use Google app support a new experience in the search for texts within images.

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Comes engine Google Image Search with artificial intelligence to search for colors or specific expressions in the pictures, and in the update coming end Google to app support a new feature allows to search for texts within images, to be search engine more efficient.

It can be through the new water to write the words or specific text within images or screen shots, and then the user can copy the text that appears inside the images by clicking on the button Lens at the bottom of the Photos app, where you can mark text for copying and pasting in another location.

Recall that the new feature is still under development now in Google Photos, where the engine is working right now on trying to interpret the text units in the different languages, it is expected that this feature works more efficiently in the coming months.


I know of

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