Google adds focus mode “Focus mode” in the application of its Digital Wellbeing

Since the launch of Google Android 9.0, you always are certainly hard on the tools shelf digital or what is known as “Digital Wellbeing”.

At the Google annual I / O 2019, the company announced several improvements to the next mission.

جوجل تُضيف وضع التركيز "Focus mode" في تطبيقها Digital WellbeingGoogle adds focus mode “Focus mode” in the application of its Digital Wellbeing

For example there are parental controls which are already running, as well as the settings of the ban for each application that is to come.

Lastly, put the Focus “Focus mode”, which is now available in the latest version of the application of Digital Wellbeing.

In respect of the possibility to use, after updating the app, you’ll notice a focus mode, press on it and then select the apps you want to stop temporarily during the work.

To be applied to your most used in the article, so it should be easy to determine which applications usually lose a lot of time in them.

Having identified the applications, you can start the focus mode, you can also add a toggle to the Settings fast speed access no.

When the situation is running, will shut down all your Applications time-consuming. If you want to open one, you must go to settings to change the app permission.

Also, will hide all notifications from this applications available temporarily, to appear as soon as you stop the situation.

In any case, can be used Focus mode in conjunction with the Do Not Disturb mode, and can be useful when you need to devote all your attention to your studies or your work.

Finally, update the application of Digital Wellbeing v1.0.263 currently available on his page than on the Google Play Store.

In the case of non-arrival, you can grab via a file download the APK from here.

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