Google adds (my favorite) and the (admirably) to the audio application

جوجل تضيف (المفضلة) و (الاعجاب) الى تطبيق الصور
Google adds (my favorite) and the (admirably) to the photos app

Google adds (my favorite) and the (admirably) to the photos app

Add a new send by Google Inc. today to apply its famous Google Photos , which I describe as always being the best application without competition presented by Google in the last ten years at least.

Google chose the platform of Twitter to announce about the new update to the company started in send it already on a global scale, it is expected that up to everyone around the world within a week .

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App updates Google images

  • Now you can add any image from your photos app (or video) to a favorite (Favorite) by clicking on the Star that will appear with each image or video in the viewing mode to full, it will be additional photos and video once classified in the favorite in the new album of the same name (Favorite), a wonderful addition and welcome
  • Linked to the preceding item, will be able to any friend you share a photo or album with him. I say like (Like) by pressing on the heart that appears dedicated to this purpose

Make sure you update the photos app on your phone to the latest version in preparation for the arrival of the new update.

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