Google adds parental controls computers Chrome book

Family Link

More than a year ago launched the Google application Family Link for parental control on Android phones for their children and even remotely turning them off, now, the app supports computers Chrome book also.

With computers Chrome Facebook not much common and accessible to children compared to tablets, but Google is trying to gain their attention as well as convince the people so that provided this support where you can talk about sites they visit and determine the dos and don’ts of determining the time of use of the device of the kidneys during the day and even the remote lock and other details.

Also through the app you can control apps Android available used on computers Chrome book, and even talk to procurement within the application.

Encourage Google parents on their children’s use of computers Chrome book targets distant from the most important to accustom children to these devices to see them always in their life therefore they go out of the circle of an Apple caps or Windows.

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