Google adds translation feature to the Maps application

جوجل تضيف ميزة الترجمة الى تطبيق الخرائطGoogle adds translation feature to the Maps application

Easy Google users Maps application possibility of development in a foreign country where you don’t speak or read the language of this country, by adding a feature to the compiler to your application.

Water will be added this month according to the Google to the Maps application (my version of Android and the faith) will be to read the place name and address in the local language.

To do this, you’ll need to click on the speaker button New next to the name of the place or the title, and immediately will be the Maps application to read it out loud.

In addition, you will be able Google Maps link of your application upgrade from the same company when you need to make the conversation more complicated, thanks to the technique of transforming text to speech, will find your phone automatically the language used by your phone to determine exactly what you need to help in the translation.

The new service will support 50 languages when fired and as Google confirmed , to be supported and the rest of the language gradually.

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