Google allows to delete data of the geographical location that you know you automatically

At the developer conference during the month of May revealed Google for a new tool that raises the level of users ‘ privacy, which says delete the geo-location data automatically when you reach a certain limit, today, this feature is available to users across Android and iPhone.

Now if I go to account settings specifically control the Activity Activity controls and then under Location History you’ll find a new option to select time in which to delete the geo-location data automatically.

And offer Google three options, the first is to keep that data until you delete them manually, the second is the deletion after a lapse of 18 months, the second after 3 months. Of course, this feature needs to be allowed for the parent to collect about you data and your geographical location.

Although Google Now gives better option to the user, but the defenders of privacy are demanding to activate that feature automatically by default for the location where demanding Google not to collect them any geographic data about their whereabouts and retain it permanently.

It’s good that Google has become give the user the option of automatic deletion the data of the geographical location, but also better to give him options in time more, it is not reasonable to lower the duration is three months and the other is a year and a half,

This feature will be gradually starting from next week and in the case of access from Android phones and iPhone.

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