Google allows to recognize details of images Google Images after the integration of feature Lens

On the twentieth anniversary of its founding, Google announced last month about the updates to make the “Google Images” Google Images “a place more informative to explore the web by voice”, in order to achieve this the company brought the service Lens to Google Images.

And because people have become, according to Google, using their phone camera to find the things that suit them, and learn more about the tourist attractions, it has become possible for users to find out more details about any photo showing them in image search results in Google Images.

With the new change became the icon of the service Lens appear below each picture appear on Google Images, and clicking on it, the service will analyze the images to identify objects and then show the details regarding it, along with view images similar.

Google said the integration of the Lens in Google Images will also help the owners of the internet sites by giving them a new way to discover through visual search, similar to search engine the traditional.

By clicking on the button Lens bottom of the image, the points will appear on every part of the photo have been identified, the promise of Google by making the water more accurate over the coming months through the identification of other types of images, such as landmarks, animals, and plants.

Referred to as that the new feature is available as of today to users of mobile phones in the United States who are looking in English, to be available in more countries and languages soon.

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The post Google to allow the details of the pictures of Google Images after the integration of the feature of Lens was first deployed in the are.

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