Google allows users now delete the search history

Keep the browser with the records of visits to Web sites that get them in addition to the downloads, but did you know that Google also stores a record of what you’re looking for or browsing or watching online? However, the good news is that if you prefer to not have Google record these details, then you will know that you will now be able to delete them.

In the framework of its obligations the Regulations of Privacy Protection the new European known as the data protection regulation, Google improve and clarify the controls in the affiliate accounts so users can see better how their data is collected and reason for collection.

And all users wishing to delete these records reach the page “my activity” in their control panel special accounts to Google, and click the three dots located on the side and choose Delete.

Users can choose to delete the items individually, as if they wanted to do so fully, there will be an option on the right panel called “delete activity” they can choose the dates you want to delete by services like Chrome, youtube, search, maps, etc.

In addition, will Google also users more control over location history and activity on the site which is extremely important if you’re concerned about your privacy.

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