Google also choose to feature the story on YouTube


Appeared a feature story for the first time on the application snapchat before Mark Zuckerberg copied to all platforms, and for some reason the YouTube also you will get this feature soon.

Think feature the story of one of the most advantages of social networking is popular among users, especially after becoming a key piece in the social apps such as snapchat Instagram facebook and WhatsApp.

According to the site Android Police, Google has already begun testing a feature story on the YouTube application is just like what is found on Instagram, it seems that Google is not going to end a lot of time is currently in the design of the new interface.

قصص يوتيوب

Some users become able to create the story through the option of “bombing” story at the bottom of the list “create” create, and it is not yet clear whether it will be this feature to more users at a later time.

YouTube is the largest platform for video content, and probably going to through this step to attract more users and makers of content of interested by the intersection of the short video, may be a response to Instagram, which recently revealed a platform IGTV custom publish long videos.

What do you think of this move? And do you think that YouTube is able to attract users of other platforms thanks to this feature? Share your opinion in the comments.

The Google also choose to feature the story on YouTube was published first in are.

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