Google and Apple face legal problems in France due to decades of ” corrupt ” that it imposes on developers

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Given that Google and Apple are a monopoly on the market when it comes to mobile devices, it is not surprising that forced developers usually only accept the terms and conditions set by these companies if they want to sell their apps in the app stores of the two companies. However, it seems that the developers in France is not satisfied with the situation in which they live currently.

The Minister of Finance announced in the country, Mr. Bruno Le Maire that the government is planning to sue both Google and Apple TV on what he calls the many ” actors ” that are imposed on developers through the app stores of those companies mentioned above. He cites examples of how Apple and Google to impose changes in price and changes in contracts to developers from one side, a step allegedly unfair.

According to the news agency Reuters, has been moved by Mr. Bruno Le Maire said : ” I believe in the economy based on justice and take Google and Apple to the Commercial Court of Paris because of their practice of business actors. As far as what they enjoy power, they should buy Google and Apple to deal with our startups and software developers, we have the way the engine currently “.

This is not the first time that developers have expressed dissatisfaction with the dominance of Apple and Google. Some companies even took it upon herself to propose to the customer that there should be a subscriptions outside of the app stores for download on the cuts carried out by Apple or Google in the RAID.



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