Google and Apple responding to the request of the government of India and the application of TikTok

قوقل وآبل تستجيبان لطلب الحكومة الهندية وتحظران تطبيق TikTok

After that demanded that the Ministry of communications technology in the government of India yesterday my company Google Apple delete an app, TikTok topline for my store software for each, response to the carrying out of the Apple parking the quick of this demand and prohibition download the app from the store to their in Asian country.

India is one of the largest countries in the world used for investigation, where it has been downloaded over 240 million times on various smart devices, the company also mentioned that there are 120 million monthly active users on the app in the country, as is clear, the application will continue to be on their phones but won’t be able others download it from the App Store.

It is considered the main reason behind the request of the government of India to ban the TikTok in the country is its inclusion of pornographic content, encouragement and especially among minors, which is considered to be a significant risk to local and global laws.

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