Google and Facebook are trying to find the next billion users

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جوجل وفيسبوك تحاولان العثور على المليار التالي من المستخدمين

Require a corporate giant in the field technology to Africa as the source of the following users of the platform, where the companies Google andFacebook to establish offices in the continent, is considered the companies of Silicon Valley are among companies vying for a major centre in the African States, because they in hopes of accommodating more than a million a potential new client, where are the cities of Lagos Lagos, Accra Accra in Ghana and Nigeria respectively, as schools are crucial in the new market profitable.

And technology companies betting on Africa as a source of income important to him, so in the presence of a population of mostly young, where 60 percent of people under the age of 24 years, however, the risks of data privacy in the wake of the scandal of the Cambridge analytica Cambridge Analytic has left local officials wary about the arrival of facebook and.

Owns the city of Lagos in Nigeria, a center of technology and features some of the brightest minds in the country, this Centre, which is called NG_Hub, in the suburb of yaba Yaba, which is the centre of technology is booming in Nigeria, where he attracts the attention of the giants of the world eager to take advantage of the emerging market of young Africans connected to the internet, and launched both Google and Facebook in the month of May directly in place soon.

He was Deputy President of the Nigerian yemi osinbajo Yemi Osinbajo in California this week meeting with investors the technology the Americans about what he can preach the revolution in industry and fourth in Nigeria, but Nigeria is not alone arouse the interest of technology giants, with Google said last month it will open up the first Laboratory of artificial intelligence in Africa, the capital of Ghana Accra.

And demographics is a major factor behind the campaign, with an estimated population of Africa is estimated at 1.2 million, with the presence of 60 as under the age of 24 years, the United Nations estimates that the population will Double to 2.4 billion by 2050, said Daniel Ives Daniel Ives, a researcher in the field of technology in the GBH Insights in New York: “there is a clear opportunity for companies like Facebook and Google to enter already in the market find its footing”.

And Facebook through the center of the technology NG_Hub, where the company owns a permanent office in Nigeria, said III take Ebele Okobi, head of public policy for the company in Africa, during the opening of the article, The goal is to cultivate a community of technology emerging, and added that the social network pledged to train 50 thousand people throughout the country to give them the digital skills they need to succeed.

Got the Facebook platform, in contrast, which has 26 million users in Nigeria, a larger number of users, access to a huge market to test products, new strategies, and technology giants on a warm welcome from many African governments, where said yemi osinbajo during his stay in California that the Nigerian government will actively support the plan of Google for the next one billion users to ensure the arrival of the digital largest in Nigeria and around the world.

The technological hopes of the African, depending on being able to revolutionize everything from health care to agriculture, are examples of this does Ubenwa, an emerging company in Nigeria in hopes of saving the lives of thousands of children by the developed system relies on machine learning to detect your newborn and give the warning signs of child suffocation.

And does the cry of the child using artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of asphyxia in newborns, a leading cause of death in Africa, when children do not get sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients before, during, or immediately after birth, where it can lead to discover the problem early to save thousands of lives.

Said Theodore photo abebe Tewodros Abebe, a doctoral student who teaches language technology At the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia: “we must speak of Africans the responsibility of the solutions, where no one can understand the existing problems in our continent unless we share”, and refused abebe concerns that Google and Facebook represent a form of colonialism cyber, where he said that the collaborative work is a good way to transfer technology to Africa.

And adjusts the growth of the technology sector in Africa, driven by growth in mobile phone use, on governments to protect citizens ‘ personal data, said yemi osinbajo leaders and Technology If Nigeria is keen on creating the right environment for development, including legislation, but the debate over privacy has become weak in many African countries, unlike Europe, which recently passed stricter laws for data protection.

And the organization “global justice now” Global Justice Now, a suitable range of art, from unleashing technology companies to create a surveillance state the world, a group of activists in a report released entitled Epocalypse Now in the month of May, 2018: “we can find ourselves striding towards a world where a handful of technology companies control a monopoly on the entire sectors of the world economy, which aggravates the inequality between the global north and the global South”.

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