Google and Huawei all compensate the owners of Nexus for their suffering

Looks not so bad… for 2015

Before Google started to “produce” smartphones Pixel in 2016 (with great help of the real manufacturers such as HTC), there was the Nexus project, in which the search giant has offered companies such as Huawei or LG, more opportunities for the production of powerful yet affordable devices running the mobile OS Android.

At first glance, the Nexus smartphones constantly proceeded any failures. For example, Nexus 6P 2015 received high marks from many publications for its excellent build quality, smooth smooth, incredibly high performance, versatile camera, great sound and technology of fast charging. Unfortunately, in the long run had problems and they were caused by the Chinese company Huawei, then what was the result of collective action even in 2017, which now finally is one step away from a costly settlement.

Actually, not even acknowledging blame for the problems associated with the endless reboots and battery drain, Google and Huawei recently agreed to pay a 9.75 million dollars for the termination of this litigation, with each (even the former) Nexus 6P in the US has the right to compensation of those paid companies money.

An implied admission of guilt?

Although the special court of article about the class action settlement clearly indicated the aforementioned two accused in this case, they continue to deny all charges against them unhappy group of users Nexus 6P, but it is clear that Google and Huawei are fully responsible for the damage, offering to pay all the costs in order to avoid further deterioration of the situation. This implies not only the possibility of another court, directing the two companies to pay more than $ 10 million, but also a strong blow to the reputation of both corporations.

Google and Huawei have clearly come a long way in 2015, so even assuming that they could successfully defend against the charges in this case, there was no point digging up the past. Instead remind the world about how buggy their phones just a few years ago, it is much smarter to focus on developing the Pixel 4 and the global supply P30 Pro.

Because of a problem “bootloop” many owners of Nexus 6P couldn’t even go to the home screen

However, even if the owners of Nexus 6P will soon be entitled to compensation for your suffering, we are quite sure that they will not forget what they went through. As clearly explained in the summary of the proposed settlement group action, the so-called problem “bootloop” made smart phones randomly reboot, freeze up or just shut down, unable again “go to home screen”. In other words, they died prematurely.

Meanwhile, another problem with another batch of Nexus devices 6P, led to a “serious” reduction of battery life or a sudden loss of the device at the most inopportune moment.

What you need to do to earn

If any of the two issues described above sound familiar, may not allow you to sleep at night, then you… can’t do anything. This is because the judge still must decide whether to approve the settlement of the dispute between the parties or not. However, this is just a formality, followed by the creation of a special website on which you will be able to apply for compensation.

Anyone who purchased the Nexus 6P in the USA in the period from September 29, 2015, immediately after the judge’s decision would be entitled to compensation, but the amount shall be determined by a number of factors. For example, if you really had no problems with rebooting or the battery is dead, or you’ve already got Pixel XL as a replacement for faulty Nexus 6P in 2017, you will receive only a small remuneration from 5 to 10 dollars.

If Google has replaced your faulty Nexus 6P on Pixel XL, you should expect only a very modest compensation

The amount of compensation could rise to $ 45, if you can prove that there is a problem with battery discharge, without providing documentation to verify his claim, but a proven problem “bootloop” without supporting documents will be offset by an amount somewhere between 20 and 75 dollars. Providing documentation on low battery or there is a problem “bootloop” can bring you up to 150 and $ 325 respectively, while those who have experienced problems with several Nexus devices 6P, will be paid up to $ 400.

Unfortunately, because the terms of the settlement include a fixed amount of money, the number of people who will submit valid claims, is crucial for accurate compensation due to each individual user. In other words, some people can get significantly less money than the aforementioned “Flush”.

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