Google and Huawei collaborate to launch the messaging system to the new RCS to replace SMS


In an attempt to support the spread of the message system of the new RCS , which is considered as a new leap in the world of technology messages, Google announced the integration of its application, the new messages of the RCS on the Huawei phones, which will system, new messages replace messages sms and MMS widely known.

According to Android Police, the American, and although the messaging system New offers a lot of advantages compared to sms and mms, but many of the telecom companies haven’t supported until now, so I designed the Google platform by the Jibe Cloud to help telecom companies to launch the messaging system of the RCS in a manner that is quick and easy, and now Huawei will help to advance the process of adopting a system of new messages.

And you didn’t know the two companies on a specific date for the launch of a new messaging service Phones of Huawei, but Huawei confirmed the arrival of the service in the coming months.

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