Google and Lenovo launched its smart display for home

Google and Lenovo showed the first smart display, designed to work with Google Assistant. The device was first introduced in CES 2018. Now it goes on sale. Price starts from 199.99, ending dollar.

Smart display, which was named Lenovo’s Smart Display, is a replacement for Google Home. It can execute commands after the phrase “OK Google”. Using voice to control smart home devices, music playback and search queries.

From the Google Home display has the ability to play videos from YouTube, YouTube TV, HBO Now, Google Play Movies and other services. With this device customers will receive a few months of Premium subscription on YouTube.

Lenovo Smart Display created for the kitchen. Can display the recipe and to watch videos while cooking or absorb. It turns out that the smart display is something like a tablet, which is always in the same place.

This model is powered by Qualcomm Home Hub with Snapdragon processor 624. It is equipped with Wi-FI, Bluetooth and a 10-watt speaker. The device will come in two variations. Smart display with 8-inch screen and HD resolution is 199.99, ending dollar. A model with 10-inch screen and FullHD resolution is 249,99 dollar.

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