Google and Microsoft, they shift production to outside China

Science magazine Nicky ASEAN review that Google and Microsoft are working to speed up efforts to improve the production of their phones and new personal computers and other devices from China to Southeast Asia, the centre of an outbreak of MERS-CoV have dedicated their, is expected to be up factories in Vietnam and Thailand are the beneficiaries.

Scheduled to begin Google the production of the latest smart phones, low-cost, which is called the Pixel 4A in the north of Vietnam in April, and plans to Google also to manufacture its smartphone flagship from the next-generation Pixel 5 in the second half of 2020 directly from Vietnam, according to Nikkei ASEAN.

I asked Google of the manufacturing partner has long been of assistance in the preparation of the production lines in the Thailand the products related to Home Smart, including smart speakers that are activated by voice such as Nest Mini, while Microsoft is scheduled to begin production of devices and services, including portable computers and desktop computers in North Vietnam in the second quarter of this year at the earliest.

Even now, they are manufacturing most of the devices Google and Microsoft in China if not all in China, and led to the trade war between the United States and China in many industries, especially Technology re-consider the risks of excessive dependence on China for manufacturing, in a wasted MERS-CoV have only concerns about the concentration of production heavily in one place.

Source: asia nikkei

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