Google and Samsung are working on a special version of Android

Developers Google and Samsung Electronics are working together on a special version of the Android OS, which is software-based foldable Galaxy X. On this day, October 26, writes Bloomberg with reference to informed sources. Obviously, the South Korean vendor is faced with the problems of optimization of a standard operating system interface for a smartphone, equipped with a pair of displays with the possibility of combining them with the disclosure of the whole structure.

According to Bloomberg, now the Samsung has two prototype Galaxy X, each of which can become a commercial product. Their main difference from each other is that one instance is the use of the portrait and another in landscape, is more typical for tablet computers. The company’s management is inclined to the first option, however some of them will go into mass production, for sure.

When present Galaxy X

It is believed that the main obstacle that will not allow Samsung to make a presentation foldable Galaxy X, had flaws in its software. According to rumors, the hardware component of the smartphone was ready in January 2018. At the same time Samsung has held the closed presentation, which invited only investors and people close to the company. Invited, according to information from open sources, were satisfied with the novelty, stressing that she looks almost completed.

According to Dong-Jin Koch, CEO of Samsung Mobile, the company has completed the development of a foldable smartphone and is now working on optimizing it. Many elements of Android, which is software-based innovations that are not consistent with the views of Samsung engineers, and therefore require processing and adaptation. What happens will likely learn in November.

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