Google and Samsung bring to the new version of Android

جوجل و سامسونج تحضران لنسخة جديدة من أندرويد

It seems that one of the projects Samsung that we’ve heard a lot about over the past months had been very close, according to the latest reports about the ambitious project. If the latest report of the company of Samsung which is working on a smartphone Gayle folding under the name of Winner working on the advanced part of the project, which probably refers to the approaching expiration of the issuing phone.

According to the report of the new season interaction currently between the two designs for the next phone so that the design of the first is to open the phone in the head design, the second is to open the phone horizontally. If the report that comes out by Bloomberg, the company has settled on the first design licks design II.

According to the sources outlined in the report of Bloomberg, because on this choice in design was to make the phone could be carried in one hand if your health information.

According to a source, there is information that is very exciting is that Samsung and Google are working together on a customized version of Android system for phones collapsible which allows the use of a phone screen easily, according to the report Samsung will not be able to issue the system users until the second half of 2019.

Although rumors have indicated previously that the phone could be unveiled in San Francisco in November 2018 however, not to choose the design of the mouse means that the design isn’t over to begin the manufacture of the phone and this certainly suggests that we won’t see the next phone too soon or how to make our applications expect.

It is possible to wait for the phone now in half of 2019 or after that in the best case, which means that Samsung will release a phone Galaxy S10 next and then think about the phone folding.

If your health and a number of other reports of the company Huawei seeking to be suitable for Samsung as one of the first companies that issue phones folding, does it work Chinese company with Google is also a custom version of Android for phones folding, or the Samsung version coming from Google of all companies and modify the Samsung? Certainly there are a lot of questions that have no answer now about the flip phones but the answers will come with the approaching release of these phones interesting.

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