Google: Android has overtaken iOS on the level of protection

The Android operating system over the years of development, the level of security has caught up with iOS, and in some ways even surpassed it. This statement in an interview with CNET was made by the head of information security Google David Kleidermacher. According to him, the stability of the OS to external influences today is so high that many of the protection tools Android just do not know his equal.

“We made a huge step in the development of Android security in 2017, says Kleidermacher journalists CNET. — Many of our measures used to protect operating system that can rightfully claim the title of industry leaders”.

However, Kleidermacher acknowledged that recent versions of Android have problems. One of them is a long way, which is doing a security update. “When the OS detected the vulnerability, we immediately send an update to the manufacturers who, in turn, needs to ensure its delivery to its customers. Sometimes it can take a very long time”, — said a top Manager.

Unlike Apple, continues Kleidermacher, Google can’t put the updates for all Android devices directly. But Google is not moving at Apple, and that makes all the difference. For example, users of iPhone do not install apps from somewhere besides the App Store, whereas Android provides this capability out of the box. Instead of forbidding something, Google doesn’t protect against OS after the fact.

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