Google: Android is as safe as ever before

Perhaps the most reliable way to protect your smartphone from malware and yourself — from identity theft and financial savings is to use certified devices with Google Play Protect. The representatives of Google said in a report on security Android for 2018. Built-in antivirus will not only warn against the danger of installing potentially dangerous application, but will notify you if the device was previously infected.

“The users of the devices [Android] download apps only from Google Play, 9 times less at risk of collision with potentially dangerous than those who use third-party platforms. According to statistics, only 0.8% of devices using Google Play infected with malicious software”, — follows from the report.

Why not you download not from Google Play

Despite the obvious desire of Google to popularize branded app catalog, statistics show that last year the number of devices infected apps from third-party sources decreased by 7%. It had to wait for a real breakthrough, yet evidence of progress in this field, pointing either to increase awareness of the users either on the slowly but surely increasing the level of security the operating system.

Last week it became known that Google has expanded the scope of antivirus Google Play Protect. Now it is activated whenever the user attempts to log in to your Google account. The antivirus will scan the device for potentially harmful software and if it finds such, will prohibit the entry of login and password, previously putting on the subject to the immediate removal of the component or program.

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