Google announced the appearance of more detailed maps in the Maps service

Google announced in its blog about the next batch of updates for the Maps service. This time, the main changes will affect the visual component of the cards themselves. From now on, a new algorithmic technique for color mapping of the earth's surface will be used. This makes it much easier for users to distinguish beaches and deserts (marked in yellow) from lakes, rivers, and oceans (marked in blue). It will also be possible to immediately determine how much vegetation in a certain area and even see if there are snow caps on the mountain tops.

Google notes that the update will be noticeable in different areas, be it large recreational areas or small cities. Special computer vision identifies natural objects from the satellite imagery gallery. Then the company's specialists analyze the results and assign them specific colors. For example, a densely covered forest will appear in dark green, and an area with shrubs will appear in light green.

In addition, Google has worked on street detailing. Soon, users will see much more useful information: where are pedestrian paths, intersections, safety islands, ramps, what shape and size they are, etc. London, New York and San Francisco will be the first to receive updated maps, but the list of cities will be expanded in the coming months.

Source: Google

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