Google announces a new version of augmented reality glasses priced at $ 999

Revealed the search giant for a new version of augmented reality glasses that target the area of employment, the second generation of glasses Glass Enterprise at a price of $ 999.

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Moved Company to Google of designs experimental augmented reality glasses to versions official of the company but it is still even now not sold directly to consumers.

And Google unveiled the second generation of augmented reality glasses Glass Enterprise, where this release comes with a new processor, and improvements in the technology of the camera to the side USB port C support fast charging technology the system, and also a range of other improvements.

I have moved a new generation of augmented reality glasses to the company Alphabet between Google products, where Google Inc. to increase the proportion of sales of this version, did not provide the company advantages in the glasses can support the users in the area of work to optimize.

On the other hand, has not significantly changed the design of the glass outside of the system, as characterized by the system of the car exterior design is simple and clear, unlike the system Microsoft HoloLen, also featuring this new version of the Google Glasses augmented reality processor chip Snapdragon XR1 which is designed by Qualcomm to support system and augmented reality glasses or virtual reality.

Confirm the company Google that the new processor in the system the augmented reality system will the car perform better with the technical support of machine learning, also comes this version of the glasses frames with a distinctive design that supports the protection of the glasses, where he developed the design of the system in partnership with Smith Optics, and also among the improvements that offer from Google in this version enhance the capacity of the battery.

The new generation of Google Glasses augmented reality comes to Android Enterprise, which confirms the leaks that came through the past months about the support Glass Enterprise Edition, 2 operating system landed.


I know of

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