Google announces a new version of the system to its augmented reality Glass

Announced Google for a new version of the augmented reality Glass that explore the business, where come new glasses the same design idea of the traditional old with a protruding camera, and Google now producing glasses for sale on a large scale after a long period of tests.

New glasses are not sold to ordinary consumers, focusing on corporate business, and a new processor, improved camera, and the USB-C port for faster charging, and a variety of other updates.

Add Google frames a new security system, in addition to the bigger battery and other components internal upgraded. And operating system now running Android, and the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 designed specifically for virtual reality enhanced, and Google that, thanks to the processor, the system can perform advanced functions and provide the features of computer vision and the capabilities of machine learning and advanced and the translation of references and recommendations.

Lacking Google that the companies have reported improving the Times of production and quality, reduce costs after you use the Cleaner The Glass, while the version comes the new improvements are excellent and at a price cheaper 999$ instead of the price of 1500$ for the first version of his companies.

Source: Google

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