Google announces a system of augmented reality Glass Enterprise Edition 2 priced at$ 999

قوقل تعلن عن نظارة الواقع المعزز Glass Enterprise Edition 2 بسعر 999$

Revealed Google for a new version of the system of augmented reality that its development which became the official version after that was available for testing in different areas around the world, and launched it Glass Enterprise Edition 2 and it comes priced at$999.

Include glasses by far the conventional glasses, but it’s loaded with a camera and processor and USB ports to provide technical and Google that download a new therapist thanks to the Snapdragon XR1 from Qualcomm, the camera is improved, in addition to a larger battery and a USB port-C to increase the speed of shipping and other improvements on the way to the show after he developed the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Although it is the second version of the company, except that the system vehicle will be available only to owners of business of the company and staff will be available to the public until the moment, but either way, as the ratio of the will try to get on the system for 999 Bucks?

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